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A Real Kava Bar Has Arrived in North America.

The kava bar tradition has grown strong roots in North America.  Nakava is the first kava bar in mainland America, serving Vanuatu-style kava drink since 2002.  Located in Boca Raton, Florida, kava has been welcomed as a highly popular alternative to the same old nightlife.  Nakava boasts a kava lounge with a wide selection of kava drinks from throughout the south Pacific.  

Based on a Vanuatu nakamal, Nakava has transformed into a unique fusion south Pacific community and North American adventure.   People throughout south Florida and travelers many parts of the world continue to visit Nakava and enjoy the mysterious kava elixir as it is prepared and served in its traditional form.  The kava lounge is reminiscent of the remote and exotic paradise of the Republic of Vanuatu.

Nakava is a place to party like none other.  Nakava kava bar has been featured in several newspapers and magazines.  In October 2007, Nakava was named Best Kava Bar in South Florida's City Link magazine's Best of 2007.  Our kava bar also was worthy of being featured in their limited Best-of listing on their web site.  Visit to read our write-up.   (Thanks City Link, we love you!!!)

In 2004 Nakava won the award in New Times of Palm Beach and Broward for Best Place to Mellow Out.  Our ultra-cool kava lounge was ranked one of the Top Ten Bars in Boca Raton by the Boca Raton News in January of the same year.  South Florida's mellowest kava bar is listed as one of the 10 best nightlife spots in Boca Raton at

Nakava has received coverage from both local and national news: Boca Raton News, Boca Raton Magazine, Palm Beach Post, Sun-Sentinel, Miami Herald, USA Today, Geraldo At-Large, New Times, and City Link magazine.  It is no coincidence that people are talking about kava and North America's first and still best kava bar.

You should be excited! This is no ordinary Boca Raton bar. Until now a kava bar could only be experienced 9000 miles away in the remote reaches of the south Pacific.

The kava bar is the newest form of social night life to hit North America, much less Boca Raton. No alcohol is served at this bar. You don't have to be 21 to enter. And we never have a cover charge.  If no alcohol is served here what do people drink? Kava is what people drink at a kava bar. Kava is a healthy alternative to alcohol that is drunk for its relaxing and euphoric effects.  Our kava is stronger than you think. Come and see for yourself and experience the natural mellow feeling of paradise.

Never before has anyone attempted to bring the unique culture of a true nakamal or kava bar from the south Pacific to the United States. Nakava has succeeded in doing just this. Modeled after the burgeoning kava bar industries of Vanuatu and New Caledonia, this kava bar delivers the true vibe of a visit to the south Pacific without the lengthy travel. Nakava mostly plays authentic reggae and tribal music from all throughout the south Pacific to induce a cool, tropical vibe that is chill. Lounge around or play hackey sack, it's your choice.

Plenty of friendly and interesting people can always be found to socialize with at this kava bar. Part of the magic of the kava drink is that it breaks down social barriers and some people find themselves talking to people that they may have never talked to without first drinking kava.

Come and Visit North America's first kava bar and see what the all the buzz is about! Don't be a hermit and sit in your house watching TV and looking at the internet when you can be meeting people at the newest social rage in recent history, especially if you live near Boca Raton.

Nakava is a proud purveyor of:

Healthy, safe entertainment that offers a positively unique experience to adult customers of all ages and backgrounds.

The most mellow,relaxing environment & ambiance that can be found in any social gathering spot.

Fresh Vanuatu kava root that will soon be drank at the kava bar.


Kava kava root straight from kava farms in Vanuatu.


Real,fresh kava juice served every night! Made from kava root that is sent from Hawaii, Vanuatu, and Papua New Guinea.

The kava drink or kava tea of the highest quality from Vanuatu.

Fine loose leaf and herbal teas.Check out our menu to find out which teas we serve.

Yerba Mate at the kava bar? Hey, not everyone comes to the kava bar to drink kava.Yerba Mate Tea. So good they refer to it as the "Drink of the Gods" in South America. Rich in vitamins and minerals this green tea like elixir will give you the get up and go neccesary to get through the worst Mondays on record. A very healthy alternative to coffee for anyone that needs the opposite effect that the kava gives.


Nakava is more than just a kava bar. It is a way of life. Come and visit us today and see what all the BUZZ is about.

This kava bar rocks and serves the strongest kava you have ever drank. Come and see for yourself and buy a kava shirt while you are at it.



About Kava


We are asked this kava question about 100 times a week at minimum. Kava is many things to many people. First and foremost kava is a plant from the south Pacific. The latinDrink Kava at the Nakava in Boca Raton name for kava is Piper methysticum. This literally translates into "intoxicating pepper" in our English language. The scientific name Piper may sound familiar to you, especially if you spend a lot of time in the kitchen. The Piper plants are in the pepper family. One of the close relatives of the kava plant is the common spice Piper nigrum, or what we would call black pepper at the dinner table.

The word kava is also the name of the intoxicating drink made from the roots of the kava plant. Did we say intoxicating? Well, a more accurate description of the effects of the kava drink would be euphoric. Kava has been consumed by the indigenous people of the south Pacific for thousands of years. Vanuatu, Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, and Papua New Guinea are some of the countries where kava is grown and used traditionally. Kava is also consumed in Hawaiii, right here in our back yard. 

Kava Bar 101


If you have never been to a kava bar before you are probably wondering what a kava bar is exactly. Right? Well you came to the right place then. A kava bar can also be called a kava lounge but more from the aspect of a verb and not a noun from the traditional definition of lounge because kava bars do not serve cocktails. However, customers that visit a kava bar tend to lounge around after drinking kava due to the relaxing effects that are imparted by it. The term kava lounge can add a new definition to the word lounge in the dictionary for sure.We will create a whole new page to discuss the kava lounge topic but for now we came here to learn about what a kava bar is exactly.

We will give a short lesson on the existance and history of kava bars. It will only be short because the kava bar industry has not existed for very long compared to some other business models.

Kava Bar Origination

The concept of a kava bar surely originated in Vanuatu.Pacific island kava drinkers historically emphasize the value of kava by consuming it at special times or in special places. These special places are "marked socially as non-ordinary spaces. The desire to ritualize kava consumption by drinking in special places is evidenced by the popularity of kava bars in such towns as Port Vila or Kolonia. The kava bar partly reconstitutes within an urban environment the more traditional extraordinary places where people meet to consume the drug". (Lebot, 1997)


Nakava Kava Bar Events 

Sundays - College Night. $3.00 Black Sand Kava Singles with valid College ID. FAU, Lynn, PBCC, BCC, FIU, UM, etc. welcome. Enjoy the higher level of relaxation.

Tuesdays - Ladies Night 2-for-1 Black Sand, Fire Island, Yerba Mate, or Hot Loose-leaf Tea till 10 pm. Come early!

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